What is it like to work at a startup?

“Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.”


From my personal experience i can say working in a startup contains lots of emotions, it can’t be explained easily. It can only be felt. 

From past one year i am working in a startup and Oh man!! It been a crazy ride till now.

Working in Startup brings a lots of changes in your persona. You will be more focused then your friends at MNC’s, You will have more responsibilities on your shoulder, You will always try to work SMART instead on hard working. You will be energetic and  go getter. You will see yourself spending more time on IDE’s then on emails. As you will be doing so much of R&D that eventually your skills sets would increase.

Startups is not always about IDEA it also about creating a team which can harvest that IDEA and create a PRODUCT out of it.

Once you start working in startup, it feels like a family in office. And every member of the family teaches you something new.

It feels amazing when you see the reactions of the end users who are actually using your product and you always get instant feedback.

The sense of ownership which you get while working on the products is overwhelming.

Following are my reasons why one should prefer startups over corporate jobs :

  1. You will get lots of responsibilities.
  2. You will earn a lot while working with innovators, this will indirectly inject entrepreneur skills.
  3. You will be recognized because of your work.
  4. Many of the people working with you in the startup have same or more excitement and dedication.
  5. You’ll be impressed with the value of hard work, ownership, and self-sustainability.

Note : Startups are not for the people who have a habit to be in their comfort zone. In startup no-one will spoon feed you.

I am currently working with Verificient Technologies (New based Startup).

Today It feels great about the products which i had contributed to and i see myself differently. My individuality matured a lot over the last year and I was able to learn a lot. I am very excited for the launch of Freshhire and RemoteDesk.


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