Do we have the courage to do what we actually want ?


This is the exact question which comes to my mind whenever i listen to people saying that life is so unfair to me,Why it is happening to me ?

The question always stops at the very point, and that point is plain and simple.

“Do you have the courage to take a stand for what you believe in”.

Deep down we have the courage but its the society in which we dwell, which stop us by bullshitting that you can’t do it.

We all are following a Rat Race, it starts when we are born.

We are told to ace our exams, go to the best colleges, get good grade, start working in a well established company, get settled and start the same rat race with your children and this goes on and on.

You must be thinking does this rat race ever stops, and to answer this — Yes it does stops.

The stopping points are generally the questions which comes to your mind -examples :

  1. Why am i doing this ?
  2. What if i do something different ?
  3. Should i start over ?

Though the question can be different but the context of the questions will be the same.

We were never born to be timid. There was a time in our lives when we were not physically strong but we had the confidence to take over the world.

This was the time when we were infants, we could not stand on our feet but we kept on trying and eventually we succeeded. But once we came to an age were we started listening to what other people have to say for us, we started losing this confidence and from this point of our lives the rat race takes over us.

So what should we do if we are stuck in this rat race ? 

  1. First, Take a small break from your busy life. It always doesn’t mean to go on a solo trip. This pause can even be adjusted with a small tea break where you open up to yourself and start thinking “Am i really happy ?
  2. Second, If you know that you are not happy with your current situations then start analyzing about “What you actually want ? ” 
  3. Third, As by now you know what you actually want so start working for it.

In the beginning it will be all negatives, your friends and relatives will speak in opposition to it but remember you don’t need to listen to them, you only need to listen to yourself. People will always say that you will not succeed but its better to take a fall for your own decisions. You had wasted precious years of your life by following someone else path. Don’t do this now.

To be a champion you have to believe in yourself. When nobody else will.


To everyone out there who is facing the same dilemma. 

Please open up to yourself, there is no point in lying to yourself. 

A smoothie of courage and confidence will do wonders to your life.


P.S : I am extremely sorry if i am unable to explain the essence of this blog properly. But i needed to write on this topic as many of my friends are struggling because of this.

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