A Friend Who Got Leh’d

This is a short story of one of my friend. Who got LEH’d 😀 😀 



We all have got one friend who is lazy at the extremes, who daily spends around 5-6 hours playing play-station, who doesn’t care to throw the chips packet after eating it and instead throws it to the back of his bed, who can’t even think of walking one km.

When this friend tells you that he had decided to do solo trekking in the Himalayas at Stok Kangri, Then multiple thoughts comes to your mind :

  1. Is he out of his mind ? How can he think he can do it.
  2. He must be high when he decided this.
  3. Chill, He will back out soon.

and so you go back to your normal life thinking that this is the random statement which he had made and he will eventually figure it out.

Then comes the next statement — Dude i had booked the tickets.

Yet your heart says that he is lazy and he can’t pull this skit.

But deep down you also want to escape from the reality and travel  –so you start helping him out by doing researches. You start insisting him to do more hardcore cardio which can eventually help him while trekking.

Now comes the D-day when he is flying to Leh, you are worried about how he is going to manage everything all alone but to lighten the environment you crack some shitty jokes and bids final goodbyes.

12 days later he comes back and guess what — you start noticing lots of changes in his nature. He is now not only confident but is energetic also. He has multiple stories to tell. He is ready to plan out new trips.

You are so amazed and proud at the same time that you start thinking what happened at the trip that brought the changes in him.

Then you analyse that, it’s not the trip which made the changes, It was the decision and holding to it without failing to believe in himself made all the differences.

Your confidence reaches new heights, When your non-believers start becoming your believers.

Backstory : He had decided to go on solo trip specifically at Himalayas because he wanted to challenge himself — because he knew that trekking will test him to the extreme limits. The best thing about his journey from my point of view is that : he stood by his decision, even knowing very well that there is 100% chance that he might fail and would had to return.

I am so proud of you Chandu. You did a selfish deed by following your personal goal and this deed will inspire others to follow their goal irrespective of the conditions.

Some pictures of his journey.




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