Python Interview Questions


I had compiled some Python Interview Questions. 

This List might come handy to both Interviewer and Interviewee. 

  1. What are Mutable and Immutable Data structures in Python ?
  2. What are tuples ?
  3. What is difference between tuple and list ? Where will you use tuple and where will you use list ?
  4. What is Dynamic Typing ?
  5. Justify this statement : Everything is object in Python ?
  6. Python is Call by Value or Call by Reference ?
  7. How do you create a dictionary which can preserve the order of pairs?
  8. Can you use mutable Data Structure as key in Dictionaries ?
  9. What is the use of enumerate() in Python?
  10. What are *args, **kwargs ?
  11. How instance variables are different from class variables?
  12. Differentiate between “*.py” file and “*.pyc” file?
  13. Explain difference between Map vs Reduce Vs Filter ?
  14. What are Lamda Functions ?
  15. What is List comprehension ?
  16. What is __init__ functions ?
  17. What are Generators ?
  18. What are Iterators ?
  19. Can generator be used to create Iterators ? Give example
  20. Can iterators be used to create generator ?
  21. Differentiate between Range and Xrange ?
  22. What is Method Resolution Order ?
  23. Python supports Multi-Level Inheritance or Multiple Inheritance or Both ?
  24. Does Python supports multi-threading ?
  25. What is multi-threading? What is GIL(Global interpreter lock) issue ?
  26. What are decorator ? How to create custom decorator ?
  27. How memory is managed in Python ?
  28. How does Python’s garbage collection work?
  29. What are Regular Expressions ?
  30. Differentiate between append() and extend() methods ?
  31. What is Web Scraping? How do you achieve it in Python?
  32. Explain the use “with” statement in python?
  33. What are Middlewares ?
  34. What is Monkey patching ? Give example ?
  35. What’s the difference between py2.x and py3.x ?
  36. Give examples of Python Framework ?

Though i won’t go in explanation as i think , To learn any Programming Language you need to throw some efforts. So try finding the answers. Ref : Python Org


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