Python Interview Questions

I had compiled some Python Interview Questions.  This List might come handy to both Interviewer and Interviewee.  What are Mutable and Immutable Data structures in Python ? What are tuples ? What is difference between tuple and list ? Where will you use tuple and where will you use list ? What is Dynamic Typing ? … Continue reading Python Interview Questions


A Friend Who Got Leh’d

This is a short story of one of my friend. Who got LEH'd 😀 😀    We all have got one friend who is lazy at the extremes, who daily spends around 5-6 hours playing play-station, who doesn't care to throw the chips packet after eating it and instead throws it to the back of … Continue reading A Friend Who Got Leh’d

Why Django ?

I had been asked many time by my friends and colleagues that why i prefer Django over other frameworks. According to me, The framework which is used for project development should be judged on multiple parameters. On what programming language it is based ? Is there proper documentation available ? Is there good community support ? … Continue reading Why Django ?