How to create Auto Destroying Messages in Django ?

Auto Destroying Message Auto Destroy Message after Reading Auto Destroy functionality comes handy when you want to share critical data with someone like user credentials. AIM Create Mission Impossible like auto deletion message. Maintain high level of encryption. No loop holes so handle DB attack also. Features Creates Encrypted Messages. Unique hashed URL is provided … Continue reading How to create Auto Destroying Messages in Django ?

Python Interview Questions

I had compiled some Python Interview Questions.  This List might come handy to both Interviewer and Interviewee.  What are Mutable and Immutable Data structures in Python ? What are tuples ? What is difference between tuple and list ? Where will you use tuple and where will you use list ? What is Dynamic Typing ? … Continue reading Python Interview Questions

A Friend Who Got Leh’d

This is a short story of one of my friend. Who got LEH'd 😀 😀    We all have got one friend who is lazy at the extremes, who daily spends around 5-6 hours playing play-station, who doesn't care to throw the chips packet after eating it and instead throws it to the back of … Continue reading A Friend Who Got Leh’d

Do we have the courage to do what we actually want ?

This is the exact question which comes to my mind whenever i listen to people saying that life is so unfair to me,Why it is happening to me ? The question always stops at the very point, and that point is plain and simple. "Do you have the courage to take a stand for what … Continue reading Do we have the courage to do what we actually want ?

What is it like to work at a startup?

"Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once." From my personal experience i can say working in a startup contains lots of emotions, it can't be explained easily. It can only be felt.  From past one year i am working in a startup and Oh man!! It been a crazy ride till … Continue reading What is it like to work at a startup?

Why Django ?

I had been asked many time by my friends and colleagues that why i prefer Django over other frameworks. According to me, The framework which is used for project development should be judged on multiple parameters. On what programming language it is based ? Is there proper documentation available ? Is there good community support ? … Continue reading Why Django ?


Hello Guys, This is my first blog. Regarding myself. I am Vivek Joshi, Currently living in PUNE,INDIA. I am working as software developer for a New York based Startup. I have strong understanding of Python,Django, Javascript. I do development all the time on Ubuntu as i love the flexibility it offers to the developers. Currently … Continue reading Beginning