Top Django Interview Questions


This time, i had compiled some Django Interview Questions. 

This List might come handy to both Interviewer and Interviewee. 

  1. How do you create new project in Django ?
  2. How do you create new app in Django ?
  3. Explain MVT architecture of Django ?
  4. What are Middlewares ?
  5. How do you create custom Middleware ? What special methods are used to handle request/response/exception ?
  6. In what order does middlewares listed in are executed when request comes ? Top to bottom or bottom to up.
  7. In what order does middlewares listed in are executed when response goes ? Top to bottom or bottom to up.
  8. Explain Django ORM(Object-relational mapper) ?
  9. How does session framework works in Django ?
  10. What is CSRF ? How can you prevent csrf attack ?
  11. What are Django forms ?
  12. What are Django Models ?
  13. How do you migrate your tables in Django ?
  14. What are model manager and how do you write custom manager ?
  15. What are Django Templates ? How template inheritance works in Django ?
  16. What is the use of file ?
  17. What are signals ? How do you create custom signals in Django ?
  18. What are receiver functions in Django ?
  19. What are Django template tags ?
  20. How do you create custom template tags ?
  21. What are generic views ? How many types of generic views are there ?
  22. What’s the difference between select_related and prefetch_related in Django ORM?
  23. What is the use of context processors in Django ?
  24. What 3rd party Django apps you have used ?
  25. What are Python Virtual Environments ?



Python Interview Questions


I had compiled some Python Interview Questions. 

This List might come handy to both Interviewer and Interviewee. 

  1. What are Mutable and Immutable Data structures in Python ?
  2. What are tuples ?
  3. What is difference between tuple and list ? Where will you use tuple and where will you use list ?
  4. What is Dynamic Typing ?
  5. Justify this statement : Everything is object in Python ?
  6. Python is Call by Value or Call by Reference ?
  7. How do you create a dictionary which can preserve the order of pairs?
  8. Can you use mutable Data Structure as key in Dictionaries ?
  9. What is the use of enumerate() in Python?
  10. What are *args, **kwargs ?
  11. How instance variables are different from class variables?
  12. Differentiate between “*.py” file and “*.pyc” file?
  13. Explain difference between Map vs Reduce Vs Filter ?
  14. What are Lamda Functions ?
  15. What is List comprehension ?
  16. What is __init__ functions ?
  17. What are Generators ?
  18. What are Iterators ?
  19. Can generator be used to create Iterators ? Give example
  20. Can iterators be used to create generator ?
  21. Differentiate between Range and Xrange ?
  22. What is Method Resolution Order ?
  23. Python supports Multi-Level Inheritance or Multiple Inheritance or Both ?
  24. Does Python supports multi-threading ?
  25. What is multi-threading? What is GIL(Global interpreter lock) issue ?
  26. What are decorator ? How to create custom decorator ?
  27. How memory is managed in Python ?
  28. How does Python’s garbage collection work?
  29. What are Regular Expressions ?
  30. Differentiate between append() and extend() methods ?
  31. What is Web Scraping? How do you achieve it in Python?
  32. Explain the use “with” statement in python?
  33. What are Middlewares ?
  34. What is Monkey patching ? Give example ?
  35. What’s the difference between py2.x and py3.x ?
  36. Give examples of Python Framework ?

Though i won’t go in explanation as i think , To learn any Programming Language you need to throw some efforts. So try finding the answers. Ref : Python Org

Why Are Indian Engineers Unemployable?

There is some significant skill gap in the country as 80% of engineering grads are “Unemployable”.


Before starting, let me highlight some information :

  1. India produces 1.5 million engineers every year from 4000 institutes.
  2. India produces more engineers then USA and China combined.

This should be awesome right but the reality is contrary to it.

Engineering institutions are generating so many graduates but corporate often complain that they are not getting the skills and talents which is required for the entry level jobs.

One of the biggest MNC in India has to first hire engineers from colleges and then they have to provide training to the recruits at Mysore campus.

The training will try to teach you in six months what four years of engineering in India couldn’t teach. They are known to provide the best training no doubt about that. So if an industry can provide this high level of training then why don’t our institutions adapt this training technique.

But coming back to point why is this training required at first place. This training is required because — to be frank we are not good engineers. We all have theoretical sound knowledge but when it comes to practical knowledge we don’t know shit about it.

Following factors which contribute in making engineers — Unemployable: 

  1. Quality of the education : Outdated learning curriculum and old teaching techniques.
  2. Theory vs Practice : Our curriculum-education system focuses only on theoretical knowledge instead it should be more practical .
  3. Exams : Indian education measures the learning on the basis of one final exam instead it should start concentrating over assignments and because of this students lay emphasis on only the exams and not on learning the subject.
  4. Research : There is not much scoop of research with our institutions.
  5. Lack of exposure : Most institutes don’t provide internship opportunities. They should understand that internship provides exposure to students about work is done in companies.
  6. Professors : Majority of the professors don’t know how to teach, they are neither open-minded nor updated with the latest advancements.
  7. More Supply —  less demand : As more and more graduates are coming out ,The supply and demand cycle is getting effected.

This are not unknown reasons every engineering graduate in the country have first hand experienced them.

India’s youths are very ambitious. It’s on the mentors, parents and society to encourage them and help them in becoming more employable.

Some drastic changes are required in our educational system. The government should work with priority on this matter as it effects lots of people and indirectly effects the future of INDIA.

This is India, this things won’t changes for decades so you guys have to work on yourself.

To all the unemployed freshers out there, i know how it feel to be unwanted but this is what will drive you to better opportunities.

Focus your time and energy only on learning because there are lots of opportunity waiting for the right candidates.

Don’t go for training institute they will not be good for you instead invest in online courses they will surely help you in improving your technical skills.

Some of the websites which offers courses in variety of subjects and they provide world class faculty.

  1. Coursera
  2. EDX
  3. UDEMY
  4. Udacity
  5. Khan academy

 P.S : This post is written with regards to NON-IIT institutes like my very own RGPV.

Because IIT’s are the best. 

Jai Hind.